Stunning Eco Lodge Lavalleja 53 Hectares

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Location: Valle del Hilo de la Vida, Lavalleja
53 hectares
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Valle del Hilo de la Vida, Lavalleja
53 hectares
Stunning Eco Lodge Lavalleja 53 Hectares


Stunning Eco Lodge Lavalleja 53 Hectares!

This amazing property has a special location right in the heart of the Cerro Negro valley in the highly scenic San Francisco area. Surrounded by stunning hills and just a few minutes from all services at Minas city. It is also 1 hour drive from Punta del Este and 130km from Montevideo.

The land, which has been named Valle del Hilo de la Vida (Life Thread Valley) by the current owners, is considered an archeological wonder site in Uruguay as it depicts several, over 100, enigmatic, cone-shaped, up to 3 m tall stone towers. Archeological studies estimate that these structures have been built over 1000 years ago, are perfectly aligned with the sun, and located in the northwestern face of a half moon shaped hill (Cerro Negro).

This hill, together with many of these historic structures, are located within the limits of the eco lodge, as well as 2 permanent streams that cross the land. It is a really stunning piece of land that depicts hills, valleys, native forest, streams and amazing views, a place with a special energy according to most guests and visitors.

Surrounded by these natural wonders and under a philosophy of deep respect for the environment and history, this magnificent eco lodge was born, developed and consistently updated and renovated during the last few years.

Built in a charming rustic style, the lodge includes 5 wide full of light suites, fully equipped and designed to ensure a profound rest all year round. All of them have panoramic terraces, wifi, and heating.

There are full amenities in place including two large living rooms with heating and wide panoramic views, 2 toilettes, a healthy local food restaurant, a library, a playroom, a swimming pool, a gym, an office, a vegetables garden, a secret sensory garden, an outdoors open fireplace for stars watching, and a nap spot with traditional Paraguayan hammocks to complete a full sensory experience. The total built area of the main lodge headquarters is 740m2 and this includes an additional 105m2 independent charming 3 bedrooms house that has just been renovated and integrated to the lodge operation.

Full working facilities are in place including barn, storage rooms, and workshop (over 100m2).

Last but not least, it is important to highlight that many eco related activities are in place such us trekking (day and night tours), horse riding, archeologic and historic places guided visits, native wildlife and flora watching, bird watching, etc.

A rare opportunity to acquire this magnificent property that offers a fully operative high end eco lodge, history, and one of the most beautiful rural sceneries in Uruguay.

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